Andy Gullahorn – Freedom 2.0 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I packed up my guitar
I roll my suitcase down
I loaded up the car
I’m headed out of town

I gave the kids a hug
I kissed them on the head
Said, “Be good to your mom
Until I’m back again.”

And as I watched them wave goodbye
There was one thing on my mind


[Verse 2]
I was driving through the hills
I heard my cell phone ring
My wife had had enough
The kids were arguing

I said, “I’d love to help.
This must be hard I know.
But this phone is breaking up.
I think I have to-“


Freedom to listen to what I want to on the radio
Freedom to sleep without setting an alarm
Freedom to pull over and get donuts or a Blizzard without feeling guilty
Or fat
Freedom to stay up late because I just can’t seem to fall asleep
Freedom to eat dinner by myself at the bar
Freedom to be lonely long enough to realize that it’s not what I really want


[Verse 3]
I pulled into the drive
The kids ran up to me
They jumped and weighed me down
Sweet shackles on my feet


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