Das Racist – One Dollar Can Lyrics

Yo, yo… turn the delay up in them headphones
Shaun Bridgmohan reporting the truth that is..
A bodega special
Me so special, yo special?
All you need is one drop and one dollar

One Dollar Can (repeated)

[Verse 1: Heems]
Me walk in the store what me gwan get
A one dollar can of ice tea
This is what me say me forget
With no possess golden ice tea
Gas price go up, gas price go down
Meal price fluctuate all of the time
One dollar can one dollar all the time


Just out walking in the bodega
I don’t even think about it
Past the Snapple, past the Vitamin Water
Then me drink it like me drink me iced tea
Straight to Arizona, one dollar can section
That’s a good section, they got lemon iced tea
Yeah yeah, I like that one, it’s good

Just vibe out, everybody just vibe man
This is the vibe part, vibe out
All you white people with dreadlocks
Put your hands on your stomach
Put your other joints up in the air
Just vibe the f**k out man
Yo you smoke pot dude?
Yeah man you wanna buy some pot man?
Yeah cool I got nickels and dimes son
Nickels and dimes

Really good weed, smoke
Smoking weed
Smoking weed
Fake Patois
Lord have mercy

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