Development to the North. The seventh Teriberka exceeded all expectations

Not the first year

The Russian is to a large extent — a person spoiled by Greece, Turkey and Milan and Barcelona. I've been everywhere, I've tasted everything, I've seen everything. Everything — but not everything. In recent years, we began to discover our native little side: we fully felt the taste of Altai, the aromas of the Crimean steppes, the Volga expanse, the Don prowess, the unique color of the Caucasus, the quiet transparency of the Karelian land. But our country and for the whole life not to travel, not to reconsider. And there are more and more offers to travel, and even with participation, for example, in the festival.

The word "Teriberka" has been heard for more than a year, in particular, thanks to the Arctic Festival, which takes place in this village. This year it took place as part of the cultural program of the Russian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021-2023. and brought together twice as many participants as in the previous one: 10.5 thousand people from 34 regions.

According to the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Aleksey Chekunkov, The successful experience of holding the festival shows that territories remote from large cities can live a full-fledged original life, develop, attracting not only tourists, but also uniting talented and active people around them.

Indeed, the program of the festival, which anyone could come to, attracts people with a wide variety of interests: from business to music, sports, culinary, cinematography, and souvenirs. But the main thing here is — emotions: sincere and enthusiastic from recognizing the unknown land and the results of the deeds of human hands.

“From a small local event, — says the governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis< /strong>, — for 7 years the festival has grown into a point of attraction for northerners and tourists from all over Russia — 10.5 thousand guests this year! And Teriberka is in the TOP-20 best travel destinations in Russia».

Traveling, relaxing and having fun in the Arctic, according to him, has become a fashion trend in recent years. “We are turning the world to the North! It's great that there is a huge demand for arctic cuisine. This gives a significant incentive for the development of farms. For us, of course, in this direction, the nearest goals — it's healthy competition, quality of service and reasonable prices”, — added Chibis.

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Photo: Roscongress

Crab, cranberries, scallops

27 best Murmansk restaurateurs and chefs from the Arctic places offered to taste the Arctic, arranging a whole culinary theater and making gastronomy the main theme of this festival. Squeak, squeal and general delight — of course: venison and lingonberries, scallops and halibut, crabs, shrimp, cod. We tried everything, everything and a lot, and even under the charm of the Sami culture and unforgettable ocean shores. Guests — pleasure, small and medium-sized businesses — development for the benefit of all.

An important direction for involving local residents in tourism so that they can apply their knowledge and skills — this is also the Arctic Souvenirs that the guests of the festival saw, and skills that could be learned at the festival workshops: making a northern bouquet, making decorations from polymer clay based on berries and plants, and even candles, like real polar explorers.

But in order for natural wealth to please us and our children and grandchildren for many centuries to come, each of us today must think ecologically. The business part of the festival declared ecotourism as a sustainable basis for the development of the region as the main theme. The participants in the discussions of the business program discussed the development and popularization of the northern regions as areas of event and ecotourism.

At this time, other guests of “Teriberka” could take part in a horse or foot ride in the natural park and the environmental campaign “Run, collect”, as well as go on various excursions.

Photo: Roscongress

Feel like a conqueror of the Arctic

According to Alexander Eliseev, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism of the Murmansk Region, the found balance in the relationship between man and nature and an environmentally friendly approach to the development of tourism allows both creating something new and preserving the original uniqueness of the Kola Peninsula for future generations. An excellent example here is the natural park in Teriberka, which has perfectly learned to slow down the “wild” tourism.

During the festival, Eliseev also spoke about the fact that a route from south to north of the peninsula is being developed. The traveler will be able to feel like a conqueror of the Arctic, having traveled from the White to the Barents Sea on a radial route, studying the Pomeranian life along the way. “Our task, — he said, — so that the dream of traveling to the ends of the earth appears in everyone’s head and at the same time, a high-quality infrastructure is created for this, allowing you to travel in comfort.

, where poetry readings, theatrical performances and solo performances took place. Poems, music, songs, Pomeranian tales — all this in an unusual setting made the audience experience unforgettable moments. And this is all in addition to the performances of musicians. And in two days, 13 musical groups and performers performed here.

Those who came to Teriberka sincerely thanked the organizers — The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic and the Committee for Tourism of the Murmansk Region, and also the operators of the festival, which were the whales of the organization of congress and exhibition activities — Roscongress Foundation and Murmancongress.

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