Don Francisco – Tower Of Babel Lyrics

We’ve been bakin’ these bricks in the blazin’ sun
Gonna build a mighty tower when we’re fin’lly done
Yes, we’re buildin’ us a city, man, you know that’s the goal
We’re gonna be the people, gonna take control

All of the power and the money, too
Will be right in our hands when this work is all through
We say who’s gonna sell, who’s gonna buy
Who’s gonna live, who’s gonna die
Organization – that’s the plan in this game
Centralization – gonna make us a name
We’re really takin’ over, so don’t ya get in our way
Soon the whole world will have to do what we say
Whatever we decide, that’s just what we’re gonna do
There ain’t nothin’ gonna stop it – not me and not you
We know how to deal with those who stand in our way
So let me warn you, buddy – better watch what you say

(Repeat chorus)

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