Dwoyo – She Got Away Lyrics

You crazy for this one, Dwo!
Let it ride
Dwo, yo (Ladies and gentlemen!)
First things first, I Dwoyo, gets all the honeys
Dummies, to love me, all of em looking for a hubby
Don’t get comfy, cause I don’t stay complacent, I’m too impatient, I play the game and never get a flagrant
Foul, so now, as I shift through the crowd
I’m need to find the baddest bitch so I could figure her out
The music is loud, confident in the liquor I drown
I’m hot headed, who gon simmer me down?
Talking to you like

You look too good
To be here alone
Or maybe that’s just, the, way, you are
And I must forgive
Don’t know what it is
But something makes me love, the, way, you are
You don’t speak, you don’t speak
All these dudes, in the club got you fatigued
Or maybe it’s just me?
Either way I’ll tell you I want, tell me you agree

First she caught my eye, then I caught a body
First thing I said was I got you, if you got me
Next thing I know I got, a room at the Marriott
f**k a hotel room, let’s do it in the lobby
Dripping in fire, like it’s candle wax
Bought her a couple drinks, and asked if I could handle that
She told me that she’s flexible like an acrobat
And when she see’s hard rope she wants to balance that
Let’s go to festivals, with camels in the camelpak
No commitments, baby. Let me just sample that
Cut it up, you said you didn’t smoke, that’s a cover up
I see you taking power puffs, like a buttercup
Two f**king hours drunk, baby so what?
Either I get the Uber or wait to get sober (“sobuhh”)
We just met, but ima f**k you like I know ya
Come to my place and I can show ya

Put your hands together one time
For the most beautiful bitch in the house
Yo, yo, yo where yo going? Yo, where you going?
I can’t even…
What was her name again?

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