Everything You Need to Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

content-header__row content-header__hed” data-testid=”ContentHeaderHed”>Everything You Need to Set the Perfect Thanksgiving TableWine, flowers, and more that will remind you there are still things to be thankful for in 2020

November 19, 2020

Photo from Getty Images.

While an iPad or laptop have already become a tabletop mainstay to “dine with” others, there’s much more needed to create the perfect holiday table. After all, we all need to feel like we've had a change of scenery, even if we're not actually going anywhere. Restore your dining table to its true purpose—not just a makeshift desk!— with new dishes and serving pieces that will actually make you want to cook. Whether it’s just you and Zoom, or your pod is coming over, here is everything you need to set the perfect Thanksgiving table.

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