Ivy Quainoo – Paint Your Love Lyrics

[Verse I:]
My life was like a boat without a sailor
A book that didn’t have a story
It was like an empty cambers

[Chorus I:]
The minute i saw you
I can see a river of colour
Life is lookin’ brand new
Because of you

[Chorus II:]
Let’s build a perfect picture
A house on a hill
Who where every days the summer
An we’ll make it real

[Chorus III:]
So paint your love
All over my world
It’s where my heart wants’ to live
So paint your love
All over my world
You make this a master piece

[Verse II;]
I thought i was o.K
Every time it rain i’d see grey
Didn’t think it was possible
You??? Back to the stars

[Chorus I]

[Chorus II]

[Chorus III]

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