Kurtis Blow – Got To Dance Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You’re feelin’ kinda bad
About the day you had
You’ve got to find a way to make it right
And if your body’s got the juice
And you’re feelin’ kinda loose
You’re stepping out and throwing down tonight
There’s a million different ways
To make it through the days
To get yourself a shot-of exercise
But the only way I know
To let my body go
Is dancin’ ’til the sun begins to rise
I got to dance

[Verse 2]
You can go to the gym
Work it out, take a swim
Or play a little ball with the guys
You can try a machine
To keep your body mean
But that’s the kind of work that I despise
You can run in the sun
But it’s never, ever fun
‘Cause people are tired of routine
So the only way for me
To set my body free
Is dancin’ with the ladies on the scene
I got to dance

[Verse 3]
You can go to the Fifty-Four
If they let you in the door
But it really doesn’t matter anyway
All you do is hit the spot
Where the beat is runnin’ hot
And let the music take you far away
The DJ is the dude
To keep you in the mood
To keep you dancin’ ’til you have to drop
You got to feel the beat
To generate the heat
To make you say you never wanna stop
You got to dance

[Verse 4]
You can sit at home and chill
Gettin’ fat until you’re ill
And what you do is really up to you
But if you like to party
And I mean party hardy
Then maybe I can tell you what to do
Now I know a lot of ways
To get me through the days
But nighttime is the time I come alive
I like to kick it all around
Kick it up and kick it down
‘Cause dancin’ is the way that I survive
I got to dance

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