Lexii Alijai – Growing Pains Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Yeah, look
It’s a cold world, my nigga cheated
I caught him f**kin’ with ole girl
I’ll never be enough, even though I’m so thorough
But niggas wanna eat their cake, and have the whole world
I’m growing up, and I’m moving up a bra size
Understanding when niggas tell me it’s all lies
Shoot for it, ’cause I’ll be damned if the ball lie
Twenty-Seven red bottoms sitting court side
Ain’t nobody sitting with me but, my brother though
He be with me, and my sister be where my mother go
Overcoming all the changes that we undergo
You should have listened when I told you I was gonna blow
But, I don’t blame you
I know everybody saying that
But, it’s a difference when you know what people saying wack
I be speaking real shit, spitting real facts
Female spitting like a nigga, finna kill rap
And, I just killed that

[Verse 2]
And, it’s my year right now
Everybody that’s important to me, here right now
Spit the shit that the world need to hear right now
And, all the lil girls in high school could feel right now
Uh, I took a break from rappin, just to focus on my health
Was really in the gym, I had to focus on myself
How could you blame me for being human? I’m only me
Word is bond, I’ma make it, and you gon’ see
What you gon’ do when you see me up on your television?
Lexii, the hottest in the city, what they fail to mention
Even though I don’t need nobody to stamp me
Plan A gon’ work, f**k a plan B
Say she f**kin’ with Lexii, but nah, she can’t be
Blind to the bullshit, like I can’t see
And, I been working on this mix tape
And, at the same time, I been out here tryna get my shit straight
Yeah, tryna get my shit straight
Same time I been working on a mix tape
Lil Lexii got a big plate


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