Medvedev wrote about the “engine of the service economy” of the West flying into the wall

According to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, without Russian resources, Western countries will not be able to provide citizens with food and warmth. He noted that this fact has already “began to reach many”

Western countries are beginning to understand that without Russian resources they will not be able to avoid inflation and the fall of the economy, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said on Telegram.

According to him, some Western partners “began to realize” that without Russia, they will not be able to get food, fertilizer and energy to “warm their citizens.” In addition, without Russian fuel for nuclear power plants, up to 40% of Americans risk being left without electricity, Medvedev added.

“We are waiting for autumn” hellip; when it is necessary to collect the main sanctions harvest. In the meantime, the locomotive of their economy of services and digital currencies is flying into the wall at full steam,— concluded the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, many countries, including the US and the EU, have already introduced several packages of sanctions against Moscow. Washington, in particular, imposed an embargo on the import of Russian oil. Following the United States, the European Union introduced a partial oil embargo. The ban on gas supplies was not included in the new package of sanctions.

In early June, US President Joe Biden said that Americans were forced to pay the “Putin tax” for fuel and food. This is how he commented on the report of the US Department of Labor, according to which consumer prices in the country rose by 8.6% in annual terms in May, which is the largest increase since December 1981.

In addition, record inflation in May recorded in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and other European countries.

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Dmitry Medvedev

politician, ex-president , Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia

September 14, 1965

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