Silver Spoon – Friday Night Shuffle Lyrics

Strolling on the street on a Friday night
Lights are on and moods are high
I cannot see the moon from where I stand
I cannot figure out how all this ends
And yet I keep on walking with my head straight up
The future’s uncertain but I will stand up
To all the draggers claiming that your best bet
Is to look after yourself and the rest be damned

People go around having drunk too much
Everybody’s looking for someone to catch
The beautiful, the ugly and the ones between
You know that all them hope for the same damn thing
But everybody’s calling it a different name
Everybody thinks they’re playing another game
Pale or dark, whatever it may be
Out in the night they look the same to me

I wish I knew how to make it right
I wish you were here on by my side
If only I could find a way to get to you
I would not walk alone on a Friday night

A woman is laughing loud in a club nearby
I think about your voice as the time goes by
Another walks to me with a cheap come-on
While I think about the color of your hair at dawn
And how I used to listen to the breaths you drew
And feel it was the coolest sound that I knew
But now all that is gone, and I would still be fine
If only I could see the moon beyond the light

Then the time is up and we all go home
Another day is coming and will soon be gone
It is a well known fact that time goes fast, it
Takes only a little while before it turns to past
They say to enjoy the moment and it’s all we do
It is no longer Friday but I still miss you
The sun is coming up and the lights shut down
I’ll try to enjoy the moment without you around

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