Kid Phang – Mistletoe! Lyrics

[Chorus] (Yuh) Watch where you step, take yo time hoe! (Time hoe) f**king on that bitch, is she yours though? (Yours though) Kissing on you daughter, like a mistletoe! (Ayy, mistletoe) Bitch I gift her dick, she a ho ho! (Ho ho) Watch where you step, take yo- (Ayy, time hoe) f**king on yo thot, is she- (Ayy, yours

MF DOOM – Reign In The Subway Lyrics

No friendly warfare, this ain’t wrestlin’ There’s nothin’ staged over here, you’re trippin’ Mescaline Drinkin’, coulda got smacked for what he thinkin’ Coulda said the word, then whack! Abe Lincoln And still spend stacks off crack, stay crinklin’ This game’s built to get got while blinkin’ Rappers do big up jail like a recruiter Let

MF Doom & Czarface – Nautical Depth

Yo, yo, what’s good? [Verse 1: Inspectah Deck] I’m fire in the summertime, cookin with more heat Flow like DiCaprio, the wolf of all beat The street’s deep like leviathan Boss to the cross-fader, Lord Vader to a Kylo Ren Search for the plug, I heard you was love Man they pop holograms, call em’

T.I. – Warzone

[Hook] Can’t you see we livin’ in a war zone? Guess you don’t notice when you livin’ in it Like every weekend it’s a man down Ain’t got no pity for the innocent so I’ma represent it Dedicated, tell ’em,"Hands up, can’t breathe Hands up, can’t breathe Hands up, can’t breathe" Hands up, can’t you