D.s.g.b. – You Got Tha Heart Lyrics

D.S.G.B.You Got Tha Heart Lyrics [Nature Boy:] The life I live is so beautiful And exquisite so everybody wanna live it They choose the lifestyle for the glamour And for the dreams of making cream like a freelancer Without considering what it’s about how maintaining How I keep my bank account from draining So many

Kodak Black – Real N*gga Files (Institution Mixtape) letras

[Intro] *Police sirens* Real nigga files (hell yeah) Project files (yes sir) (everything 1k dawg) Yeah (institution, for real man) (you gotta stand firm, dawg, you gotta stay solid) Project baby two, comin’ out soon (for real) (look, Kodak, Kodak) Aye man, nigga got this lil burden off my back, dawg (for real) Time to