Harry Quintana – Pura Vida 2018 Lyrics

[Hook] (Pura Vida) Wir rauchen Cannabis Sativa, Vallenato aus den Speakern Ich hab’ Groupies auf Antigua mit Booty wie Shakira Heu-Heute so wie früher (Pura Vida) (Pura Vida) (Pura Vida) [Part 1] Hoes in Cartagena, Hoes in Ipanema Der Himmel so blau wie die Dose von Nivea Ich bin kein Unternehmer, aber lass was unternehmen

Vant – Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Berners Lee Lyrics

Maybe she’s a lizard Maybe she’s a lizard Maybe she’s a lizard who knows? Pink links to the Wizard Pink links to the Wizard Pink links to the Wizard of Oz My futile human mind has just been blown La la la la la la la la la la Vortex with no core La la

Ssq – Jet Town Je T’aime Lyrics

Flying above the Florida Keys Going down south duty free Pirates rum, Jamaican weed The sound of Marley guaranteed Cross Montego Bay at dawn Thought I’d missed seeing James Bond Chasing evil Dr. No Like a secret agent hero And he always gets the girl Who seduced the world If your plane goes down in Jet Town You can

Kollision – Space Cadet (Uncensored)

[Intro] Cook that shit up Quay [Chorus] Fifteen thousand dressed in gear, yeah Diamonds lit, no chandelier Poppin’ shit just like a pill Shawty bad, she dressed to kill Space cadet nigga, floatin’ every time I walk in Hundred thousand nigga, stuffed in these Balmains Young nigga having pull just like a drawstring All gas,

No Malice – Sky Crack (Let The Dead Bury The Dead Album)

[Verse 1] Mal we ont wanna hear what cha spittin bout. Ugh! Unless it got da ass and the titties out. Ugh Speak on all them keys hidden in the couch. Ugh! Metal to the face walk em in the house. Ugh! I won’t ever good at kickin fairytales Everything I spoke I did it