Bob Marley’s Daughter Dismisses Reports Rita Marley Is Dead

Rita Marley is NOT dead. Sometimes the internet can be a friend, and other times it can be a foe used by others for clickbait as it spreads misinformation. Such was the case of an internet hoax claiming that Rita Marley, the widow of Reggae Legend, Bob Marley was dead. In fact, Mrs. Marley is

Moneybagg Yo – Under Influence Lyrics (feat. Y Gizzle)

[Chorus: MoneyBagg Yo & Y. Gizzle]x2 Let’s double our cups Let’s drink up some drank Let’s get under influenced My dick is a drug She say she in love that bitch under influenced Pop a zan Pop a perk Pop a molly Paparazzi, Paparazzi I know they watching [Verse 1: MoneyBagg Yo] Under influenced on

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Rat Race (Live) Lyrics

(Oh, what a rat race) (Oh, what a rat race) (Oh, what a rat race) (This is the rat race….rat race) Some a-lawful Soma a-bastard Some a-jacket Oh, what a rat race Rat race Some a-gorgon Some a-hooligan Some a-guinea-gog In this here rat race, yeah Rat race I’m saying When the cat’s away The

Lil Wayne – Problems Lyrics

[Intro] Zaytoven [Chorus] If lovin’ me is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, then bitch you hatin’ I’m never wrong, one time thought I was wrong and I was only mistaken I live all alone, no house telephone, talk to you later I’m never home, one time I thought I was home and it was

Bob Marley & the Wailers – Rocking Steady Lyrics

Steady rock easy Rock stead easy Steady rock easy Rock stead easy Steady rock easy When first I heard rock steady Thrilled me to the bone When I talk about rocking steady You need a baby for your own Rock stead easy Steady rock easy Rock stead easy Steady rock easy Talk about the cha-cha

Yanique Curvy Diva Bringing Her “Lifestyle” To Africa

Tweet Share Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett is bringing her “Lifestyle” to the African continent where she has been getting some positive feedback for her debut single. Yn In December, she will be hosting and performing at her first gig in Africa. Yanique Curvy Diva started her dancehall career earlier this year and her first single

Bob Marley Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Repaired

Tweet Share Bob Marley‘s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame has been repaired. The star for the famed reggae king was vandalized last month by someone who set out with ill intentions on their mind. Marley’s star was replayed by representatives of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Walk of Fame spokesperson, Ana Martinez, confirmed on

Bob Marley’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized

Tweet Share Bob Marley‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was completely destroyed by someone on Monday. The reggae legend’s star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame was severely vandalized yesterday by someone with malicious intent. Walk of Fame spokeperson, Ana Martinez, broke the news on Twitter when she posted a photo of the

Bunny Wailer to be Honored With Order Of Merit

Tweet Share On October 16th, Bunny Wailer is slated to receive the Order of Merit at Kings House in Kingston for his influence in pioneering reggae music. This is Bunny Wailer’s third National Honor by the Jamaican government, however, this is more significant since it is the third highest honor granted in Jamaica by the state. In an interview with the Observer, Wailer expressed

Rita Marley Gets Honorary Doctorate From South African University

Bob Marley widow Rita Marley received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Fort Hare (UFH) in South Africa. This marks the second honorary doctorate Rita Marley is getting from a major University. In 2015, she received another doctorate from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. The UFC honored her at a

Parfum Quartier – Jul paroles

Paroles Jul – Parfum quartier J’ai traîné trop souvent, j’aimerai m’en aller Ils savent le quart d’ma vie mais ne font que parler J’ai fumé, j’ai plané, un peu comme Bob Marley J’ai pleuré, séché mes larmes, plus tard j’me suis marré Je sais c’qu’on dit sur moi, je frissonne J’vois un pote en condi’

Masicka Agrees Vybz Kartel Is The Bob Marley of Dancehall

Is Vybz Kartel the Bob Marley of dancehall? Masicka scored one of the biggest hits of his career this year “InfraRed” with Vybz Kartel, but his admiration for the incarcerated dancehall icon runs deeper than just dancehall. In fact, they both went to the same high school Calabar and are both from Portmore. The Genahsyde

Listen Ky-Mani Marley & Yanique Curvy Diva Song “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

Ky-Mani Marley and dancehall newcomer Yanique Curvy Diva team up for a new collaborative single “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” The new track sampled Bob Marley’s classic “Turn Your Lights Down Low” and features the media personality turn singer showing off her vocal skills while the Grammy-winning reggae star added that Rastafarian vibe to the

Tory Lanez – Bodmon Song (Extended Version) (The New Toronto 2 Mixtape)

[Intro] Yeah, Fargo Yeah, yeah [Verse 1] Shawty, you know how I’m strokin’ on it When I pull up 4 in the mawning We can smoke, girl, if you want it We can smoke just roll up pon it I do the things that you wann’ do All of the things that you want too