Big Baby Scumbag – Bruce Wayne Lyrics

[Chorus] Bitch I feel like Bruce, Batmobile like Bruce Black on black my main ho, velvet on my shoe Robin he gon’ shoot, wait, Harley Quinn my boo Bitch I feel like Bruce Wayne, Batmobile my coupe Bitch I feel like Bruce, Batmobile like Bruce Black on black my main ho, velvet on my shoe

Laas Unltd. – Science Fiction Patterns Lyrics

[Verse 1: Laas Unltd.] Ich bin dein All-Access Backstage-Ticket für die Hölle und zurück Schür’ das Feuer wie im Backdraft Best-Kept-Secret-Flow Libero der Backpack-Nationalelf Steig schneller hoch als Nasdaq- Kurven, das’s mein Best-Trick-Contest Explicit Content, Es fesselt dich, Hashtag: Bondage Top Ten Spitta, für die Charts zu komplex Komplett kontrovers diskutiert, kein Konsens Kongenialer Veteranen-Newcomer

Drakeo The Ruler – Flu Flamming Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty & OhGeesy)

[Verse 1] Sheesh, I be wildin’ out Chopsticks, mopsticks, all in my mama’s couch Bathe with the apes, I been strangling snakes Hop out the Batmobile, I’m Bruce Wayne in some Maisons All mud in my kidneys, my plug is a gypsy This a fully automatic, I let my kids hold the semi Ask god

Father – We Had A Deal Lyrics

[Intro] Uh, yeah Mhm, uh huh Yeah Awful Records Yeah [Verse 1] Niggas got it out the mud All you niggas is some studs All your hoes catchin’ nuts But I’m not one to judge Keep the white like McFlurry Plug call me Pill Murray I’ve been drinkin’ on some bourbon Nigga sick as fuck,

Fetty Wap – Bruce Wayne Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah (thank you Fizzle) Yeah, alright [Chorus] Money keep flippin’ all the time, all the time, ay Bitch I’m Bruce Wayne, I keep money on my mind Countin’ up, if you up, then it’s fine, then it’s fine, ay Smash on these niggas, you can’t take it when you die, ay

G-Eazy – Bone Marrow (feat. Danny Seth)

[Intro: G-Eazy] Yeah The British are here The Bay is here, you know? [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Pull up in that Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne, that’s my new thing Black on black on black on black down to the shoe string Yo bitch call me daddy, daddy, that’s my new name Acid rafter, all aboard like