Pink Guy – Goofy’s Trial (Pink Season Album)

[Judge] Will the suspect please take the stand? Mr. Goofy, is it? [Goofy] A hyuh, yuh! [Judge] Mr. Goofy, you are here today being charged with mass homicide– [Goofy] A-yuh! [Judge] And your lawyer is here, present? Am I correct? Lawyer: Yes, I’m his lawyer, Joe Rosenberg, I’ll be representing him here today in court

Snakehips – Cruel (feat. Zayn) (Ta-Ku Remix)

Cab radio screaming Noise and tears Death on the TV And then there’s you It’s fucked, it’s crazy I can’t concentrate I just see your outline Mhmm Back where we left off Watch you take your dress off I’ve been by myself remembering you Your body hurts me Loopin’ ’round like CCTV In all this