DreamDoll – Everything Nice

[Hook] (If you’re a) bum ass bitch Then fuck your life Everything nice Talk to me nice [Intro] Ha-ha-ha! It’s Dream Doll, baby! Talk nice! [Pre-Hook] I’m a dog, I’m a freak Ask your nigga about me Catching rep in these streets Screaming mother fuck the fee What’s my tab? Fuck that tab! I’ma make

Young Thug – Don’t Make You Real Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Aye, ah, yeah She like to fuck, we [?] Diamonds on me bling Yeah, yeah, you know they [Verse 1: Young Thug] Pocket full of bread like a dinner roll Parked the [?] right into the Rolls All these diamonds wet like Cancún ‘Bout to take my dog up like a damn