Jesse Jagz – Supply & Demand Lyrics

Motherf**kers peep the game, uh Peep the game, mother… f**kers f**kers peep the game Uh, peep the game Motherf**ker peep the game Peep the game, mother… f**ker f**ker peep the game uh [Verse 1: Jesse Jagz] Peep the game, while I speak to your left brain Beat is insane hear it deep in your membrane

Wu-Tang Clan – People Say (feat. Redman)

[Intro: sample] [Verse 1: Method Man] That’s when my heart turned cold I’m a product of the block We used to cook the product in the pot Asshole to turn the product into rock It’s in my DNA, you see it started with my pops In his hayday he probably put your Father in a