Danny Brown – Dirty Laundry Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] The Hybrid I’m telling you, try again, sleep with the beast Daniel in the lions den, still drop dirty After popping [?] all damn day, just to get violated Ever seen a [?] with Babies have babies, in the hood like whatever We getting this bitch together Once got a hoe, and had money

Juicy J – Come Through (TGOD Vol. 1 Mixtape) letras

[Chorus] (x2) Lil bad bitch say she wanna come through I’m chilling at the spot you could come through Say her friend wanna come, tell her she can come too I’m gon’ cum, you gon’ cum, tell her she gon’ cum too [Verse 1] I used to be that nigga that would take ya hoe