Katie Tropp – Blaqman Squad Lyrics (feat. Blurry Logic, Lecxs Ahziz, Mr. Maya & Govinachi)

[Katie Tropp: Verse 1] It’s tip off bitch you got an elbow to the face So don’t cower down and go Dwight Howard in this place Because this startin’ five will knock you out the race Dynasty is built on every risk we take Drivin’ reckless through the paint like my name is Kevin Johnson

Drakeo The Ruler – Flu Flamming Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty & OhGeesy)

[Verse 1] Sheesh, I be wildin’ out Chopsticks, mopsticks, all in my mama’s couch Bathe with the apes, I been strangling snakes Hop out the Batmobile, I’m Bruce Wayne in some Maisons All mud in my kidneys, my plug is a gypsy This a fully automatic, I let my kids hold the semi Ask god


Play this song [Intro: bearface] Hot on the day, like I’m wildin’ for respect It’s a three-peat, CC, bitch, you in the D-League Where you from, though? Can’t come around here, this shit is gated We made it, happy belated, I see the race, yeah [Verse 1: Kevin Abstract] It’s better if I try not

Two-9 – By The Hour (feat. Fatkidsbrotha, Key!, Jace & Curtis Williams)

[Verse 1 – LightSkinMac11] Said it’s pits on the fence in case I catch a ‘fense And I’m never on the porch case them boys are broke And them boys talking down hanging by a rope Baby blue pit had to show ’em the ropes Never s**t where you eat, baby boy you gotta know

Chief Keef – Moonboots (Bonus Track) (Two Zero One Seven Deluxe Album)

[Hook] All a young nigga know is finesse Before you come to me, you better get a check Ride down [?] road, that’s windows flex Hopped out on em looking like a check $6,000 bag pack with some Louis boots All he do is talk, all we do is shoot All I do is pull

Injury Reserve – Oh Shit!!! (Floss Album)

[Hook: Ritchie With a T] Oh Shit! They Said "Man we want some more hits Man this sound like some shit from ’06 What that sound like man that’s some cold shit, cold shit" I said Oh shit! Aaaw, so you want some more hits? This ain’t sound like some shit from ’06 Fuck what

Game – True Colors / It’s On (1992 Album) letras

Part 1 – True Colors [Intro] This ain’t nothin’ nigga. All this gang bangin’ shit? It ain’t nothin’ homie, it ain’t nothin’. I’d give it up, I’m in this shit for a purpose man. I got a reason dude to get up out of this shit nigga. All that shit ain’t nothin’ homie. Ask yourself