Ant Clemons – Aladdin Lyrics (feat. Pharrell)

[Chorus: Ant Clemons] Bend and bust it open for me (Bend it, bend it) Don’t you catch them feelings on me (They not allowed) Bent on the sheets, everything (Bite down, bite down) Tell you, “Turn right on this dick”, but it ain’t no timeout, timeout [Post-Chorus: Pharrell Williams] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [Verse 1: Ant Clemons] Come and

Prodigy – Spiritual War (Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation) Album)

I see you got your spin, careful with that shit Quiet on the set, police on our neck Your head, light that up, let me get that Ace Unholy water, my cup In this mental, physical, spiritual war Yeah it’s a spiritual war It’s an actual, factual, supernatural war Listen, I’ve got a diamond heart,