Berry Good – Don’t Believe lyrics

[Taeha] An mideullae [Johyun] No matter what you say Please don’t say that I can‘t forgive you [Taeha] An mideullae [Johyun] I’m not loving you any more We need to pit stop it [Taeha] Jebal don’t say that [Johyun] Please stop it It’s over [Daye] Oneuldo geudae mameun naege dachyeoitneyo Nareul boneun nundongja soge Yeojeonhi

Korn – Take Me (The Serenity Of Suffering Deluxe Edition Album) letras

[Verse 1] You bumped into me I was down and you took me up past the ceiling You are the disease I’m the remedy that numbs all your feelings You come looking for me I’m the only one that keeps you sound Bring you down to your knees ‘Cause I’m the only one that makes