Sons Of Yusuf – Diving For Pearls Lyrics (feat. Jay Electronica)

[Verse 1: Humble Abdul] I was talking ’bout makin’ a difference They said it’s all business, repentence is key (Key) Now we livin’ in marvelous times No questions, they depressin’ our seeds Hakuna Matata, no problems [?][0:36sec] We walk on the land of the prophets Might be growin’ a beard like James Harden Submittin’ to God, it’s Islam I’m

Watsky – Advanced Placement Lyrics

Play this song What’s in the recipe of an identity? How do we get to be here? Am I a maniac? Am I a braniac? And will it ever be clear? I’ve been sticking my pennies into the back of my piggybank Getting permission before I’m petting the kitty cat I’ve been taking a minute for really shedding the

Maxwell – Hakuna Matata (Safari EP)

[Intro: Maxwell & ?] Hakuna Matata! 187! Maxwell der Afrotrapprinz, oh mein Gott, er geht den ganzen [?] erobern Hakuna Matata [Part 1] Rauch’ keine Samen und auch keine Blätter Glaub mir, ich zahle, nur hauptsache, scheppert Kauf bisschen Haze, unglaublich, wie lecker Hau’ meinen Wecker, wenn er zu viel Stress macht Frau’n aufm Tisch