Aminé – SHINE Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] I don’t wanna feel like I need ya You’re a catch but I’m not a receiver I’m nervous what this might turn into Know my skin glows whenever I see ya [Chorus] That’s why I’m shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’ That’s why I’m shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’ [Verse 1] I fuck up like everyday I

Playboi Carti – Foreign lyrics

[Intro] You know what I’m sayin’ man Still drinkin’ lean and shit [Hook] Ooh, hop in that motherfuckin’ foreign And that motherfucka be roarin’ Big gun big, yeah show ’em City to city, I’m tourin’ Lil Carti, I’m ready to pull up All of my diamonds they glowin’ Fuck on your bih, yeah She left

Wheezy – 200,000 (feat. Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert & Shad Da God)

[Intro: Quavo] Yuhhh ayy, yuh, yuh Ayy, yuh yuh [Hook: Quavo] I got more Keys than Alicia (keys) These niggas be talkin’ policin’ (12) I took your ho, then released her (ho) I used to trap out a Regal (uh) Two hundred thousand on my wrist (hundred) I thought it all was a fantasy (ayy)