Smib – Piraat Lyrics (feat. Kut Mug & Loopey)

[Hook] Sorry, ben een piraat want ik hang en verdubbel je torie Op zoek naar je loos ik vertrouw me zelf niet ik ben lonely f**k niet met niggas want eindstand dan blijkt ze zijn phony Me loud is zo heavy je rookt zelfs nu telefonisch Aye, bellen bellen Aye, bellen bellen —-, bellen bellen

Kodak Black – Codeine Dreaming lyrics

Below are the complete “Codeine Dreaming” lyrics by Kodak Black displayed. These lyrics were added November 27, 2017. This track is charting as #58 in the latest Billboard charts. Codeine Dreaming lyrics [intro: Kodak Black] Yeah, yeah, yeah Take that all the way up I’m about to take off on these niggas And I’m codeine

Kodak Black – Coolin And Booted (Painting Pictures Album)

[Intro] Glee Sniper Gang Glee [Chorus] I’m coolin’ but I’m booted I got thirty in my tooly Your old lady want to screw me I’m so smooth, don’t need no lubricant Kodak makin’ movies My lil homie, he a foolie I be sticking, I be movin’ I’m the youngest nigga to do this shit I’m

Phresher – Wait A Minute (Remix) (feat. Remy Ma)

[Intro: Phresher] Wait, wait, wait, wait Wait, wait, wait, wait [Hook: Phresher] Wait, wait, wait a minute Wait, wait, wait a minute One god damn minute Hold up wait a minute I start shit then I finish Hard head I don’t listen Diamonds on my wrist glisten Nigga let me count ya minutes Wait a