Demun Jones – Campfire Cologne Lyrics (feat. Ryan Upchurch)

[Chorus: Upchurch] When the sun goes down you know where I’ll be With a case of good time and some John Deere green Kickin’ sparks to the sky I’m in my zone Every night sprayin’ on that campfire cologne A campfire cologne And you know I’m not alone A campfire cologne [Verse 1: Demun Jones]

Joey Feek – Red (If Not For You Album)

Red If all the clothes you wear are camouflage And you drive around in a dually Dodge With a blue-tick hound ridin’ in the bed You’re red, you’re red If you’re into sittin’ in a tree stand for daylight With an eight point buck in your sights And not for sport but to keep your

Maura O’connell – Trouble In The Fields lyrics

Baby, I know that we’ve got trouble in the fields When the bankers swarm like locusts they’re turning away our yields Our dreams roll by our silo, silver in the rain And leave our pockets full of nothing and our dreams in the golden grain Have you sees the folks in line downtown at the

Mac McAnally – Mississippi You’re On My Mind lyrics

Oh, Mississippi, you’re on my mind I think I see a wagon rutted road With the weeds growing tall between the tracks And along one side an old rusty barbed wire fence And beyond that sits an old tar paper shack Mississippi, you’re on my mind Mississippi, you’re on my mind Oh, Mississippi, you’re on