Tinie Tempah – Shadows (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

[Chorus: Biopolar Sunshine] You are more than able, of cutting through the cable But I see your angel, don’t act young and wasteful Come to garden and let your guard down Come to your senses it will all be clear [Verse: Tinie Tempah] Yeah, yeah (ah) I tell stunners I’m stone cold and Austin Powers

Rob Stone – Chill Bill lyrics

itemid=”http://www.directlyrics.com/rob-stone-artist.html”>ROB STONE Chill Bill lyrics Rob $tone, two damn phones Babylons can’t crack the code Used to sip out styrofoam But figured I should stick to dro (weed!) Backwoods overload Don’t like to smoke them swishers, ho If you hit my liquor store It’s 50 cents for single Ports Said she wanna roll with me