King Chip – Destroy Lyrics (feat. Fredo Santana)

[Intro] Des-Destroy Destroy King Chip East side of Cleveland, south side of Chicago [Verse 1: King Chip] Blessed with a gift by god I’mma take my time Let me get mine Let me get mo’ Tryna’ spend his most time As I can with myself When you gotta go Nigga never know Way too many

King Chip – High School Reunion Lyrics (feat. Hopsin)

[Intro: King Chip] Class of 2005, I’m shitting on all your niggas [Verse 1: King Chip] Shittin’ on these niggas at the high school reunion Bitch I got the check I left it to the credit union Got a hundred niggas ready but you a bitch, I ain’t gon’ need ‘em Bitch ask me what

King Chip – Fresh At My Funeral Lyrics (feat. GLC & Chevy Woods)

[Verse 1: King Chip] King Chip up in this ho Fresh up out the liquor store Swagging, if you didn’t know Yeah, I bet them bitches know Know a nigga straight up out the hood on Wikipedia King Chip you f**king looney all up in the media Straight up out the ghetto with the knowledge

King Chip – Stand Up King Lyrics

[Verse 1] This life that chose me filled with haters and hoes, and lots of dough Yeah, my nigga, we sipping, grab that 2 liter, I got the 4 Please excuse my bluntness Oh, you don’t smoke ? Excuse my blunt bitch No, don’t try me ‘cause you don’t want this Yeah, my Oldsmobile was

King Chip – If I Die Today Lyrics (feat. Scarface, Papa Reu & MJG)

[Verse 1: Scarface] If I die today Bury me face down, f**k it Tell the whole world to kiss my ass and post it I ain’t feared nothing, ain’t shit for discussion All my enemies I’ll meet in hell when I touch it Yo mama, I’m good now, nothing left to cry for All I