Soulchef – I Just Wanna See Lyrics

[Verse 1] Hey yo, the crowd spins for KO, hip-hop be my J.O Rappers lying on flows, sounding like hoes They overexposed Most of their skills is limited Incriminating themselves on record While I spit that different shit But don’t be surprised when it’s your door they kicking in When all they needed was a

Cruz Cafune – Tumbao Lyrics

[Letra de “Tumbao”] [Intro] Tumbao’ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh Cruzzi, MÉCÈN [Verso 1] Dinero negro, tenis nuevos (tumbao) Voy al barbero y al joyero (tumba’o) Soy Cruzzi Pacquiao you  know talkin’ ’bout Dejo a to’s KO y ninguno me ha (tumbao) (Wow) mi gatita miau ,miau A perrito guau, guau Sudaos’ pero

Frank Ocean – Nights (Blonde Album)

Part I [Verse 1] Round the city Round the clock Everybody needs you No you can’t make everybody equal Although you got beaucoup family You don’t even got nobody being honest with you Breathe ’til I evaporated My whole body see through Transportation, handmade (G) And I know it better than most people I don’t