Jonathan Something – Outlandish Poetica

I am somewhere in between the silver surfer’s dreams Of Fantastic-4 erotica and doing something mean Oh, will someone please just stop me ‘fore I say something obscene I’m not intending to offend, I’m simply trying to set the scene So, there I was just walking down the middle of the street When in flies

Vic Mensa – Reverse lyrics

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa] See this when I’m sleepin’ You can work my [?] And my nina, she’s a diva Purrin’ like we’ll feed her Pipe her [?] Chili on the chain, seats exceeded Shawty wanna race like a beatle liter Push T’s like a [?] Like three stripes and a slash, I’m undefeated Red

Kizz Palazzo – Wife Material lyrics

[Verse] One word Perfection Sparks fly Electrician Blinders Racehorse Rain pours Gale force High stakes Palazzo Highlander Hattori Hanzō I’m Larry Flynt Larry Hughes Larry Bird Howard Hughes She got purses You got baggage Call the nurses CC need a bandage Shopping-spree cause damage On-point like Dragić Money talks Retail her language She killin’ it

Royce Da 5’9″ – Let’s Take Them To War (Freestyle)

[Part 1: "Moves" Remix] [Intro] Yeah Yeah 808 Mafia [Bridge] I’ve been had the moves (been had the moves) I got the moves since I got my studio (I got my studio) I got confused (Hella confused) I can’t figure out for the life of me how I can lose (how can I lose?) How