21 Savage – How To Ball (Issa Savage Album)

[Intro] Hundred bricks, on my face card (Struggling for the motherfucking traps in the trunk nigga) Yeah nigga, 21 savage nigga I showed the young nigga how to ball nigga Shirofresh on the track nigga, Hundred bricks nigga Front it nigga face card good nigga Been getting money young nigga 21, 21 [Hook] Hundred bricks,

21 Savage – Deserve (Slaughter King Mixtape) letras

[Hook] Man I feel like I deserve this shit I bought a Bentley because I deserve a new whip She cheated on me so yes I deserve a new bitch These niggas wasn’t with me, they didn’t have me grind for this shit I buy some chains for the bro’s, I don’t got shit for