Marlo – Christmas Lights Lyrics (feat. Rylo)

[Intro: Rylo Rodriguez] Green beam, green beam There won’t be a tonight, this ain’t Christmas Lights, yeah Red beam, green beam, you can die anytime Baby came from the bricks where the bitch hatin’ a meal ticket DeCicco [Chorus: Rylo Rodriguez] Baby came from the bricks where the bitch hatin’ a meal ticket Lord know,

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It Lyrics

[Verse 1] We’re fucking in a car, shooting heroin Saying controversial things just for the hell of it Selling melanin and then suffocate the black men Start with misdemeanours and we’ll make a business out of them And we can find out the information Access all the applications that are hardening positions based on miscommunication

Rae Sremmurd – Powerglide (At SXSW) (Live)

[Intro: Swae Lee & Juicy J] Yeah, yeah, yeah Mike WiLL Made-It Yeah, yeah, yeah Mally Mall Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Ear Drummers Yeah, ho [Chorus: Swae Lee] What’s in ya’ mug? Toasted up, nah, I ain’t hostin’ Kush all in my lap because these hoes don’t wanna roll it I was slidin’ in

Chief Keef Had 8 Different Drugs In His System In DUI Arrest

Chief Keef might want to make a New Year’s Resolution to stay off drugs. The Chi-Town rapper had at least 8 different drugs in his system during his DUI arrest last year, TMZ reported. Keef was arrested in Miami in April last year after cops say they spotted him conducting a marijuana transaction in the

LIl Peep Cause Of Death: Xanax and Fentanyl Overdose

Lil Peep cause of death reveals that he was overdosed on Xanax and fentanyl. The rising SoundCloud rapper died on November 15th in Tucson Arizona while in the city for a concert. According to the police report, he was discovered on his tour bus unresponsive. Initial reports alleged that he took some fake Xanax before

Young Thug Cries For Help Post Pic Of Lean IV In His Hand

Is this a cry for help from Young Thug? The Atlanta rapper posted a pic of himself with a IV in his hand supplying what appears to be lean, aka sizzurp. There is an ongoing debate on social media about celebrities drug addiction. With the growing opioid epidemic across the US, celebrities are especially under

Lil Uzi Vert Struggle To Quit Drugs After Lil Peep’s Death

Tweet Share Lil Uzi Vert is struggling to quit drugs following the untimely death of rapper Lil Peep. Since his death from a drug overdose on November 15th, Lil Peep friends and fans have been speaking out against drugs in a movement that has been gaining traction on Twitter. Several celebrities including Wiz Khalifa has

Lil Peep Laying In Casket Photo Surface Rapper’s Death Rule Accident

Tweet Share Lil Peep was laid to rest yesterday and a photo of the late rapper laying in a casket has been making the rounds. Lil Peep died last week Wednesday of an apparent drug overdose. Sources say that he took some fake Xanax laced with Fentanyl and passed out a short time later. His

Wiz Khalifa Talks Lil Peep’s Death and Why Lean Is Bad

Tweet Share Wiz Khalifa made headlines earlier this week when he told his fans that lean is lame. In a PSA on his Instagram page a few days ago, Wiz called out rappers who regularly brags about drinking lean, also known as sizzurp. “When a lot of people follow one trend, or find themselves doing

Lil Peep – The Song They Played (When I Crashed Into The Wall) [feat. Lil Tracy] (Hellboy Mixtape)

[Hook: Lil Peep] I don’t wanna die alone right now, but I admit I do sometimes These drugs are calling me, do one more line, don’t fall asleep This is the song they played when I crashed into the wall This is the girl I told that we could have it all [Verse 1: Lil