Mustard – Intro Lyrics (feat. 1takejay)

[Intro: Lil Snupe & DJ Mustard] It’s Lil Snupe, nigga! I’m the motherf**king freestyle king Mustard on the beat, ho (Let’s go!) Finna go’n and rip this bitch up Free my nigga, C4 Yeah, look, look, look, look [Verse: Lil’ Snupe, DJ Mustard, & Both] Check it, I said, I only got a few homies

YFN Lucci – Street Kings (feat. Meek Mill)

[Chorus: YFN Lucci] Uh, young street nigga tryin’ make some millions I know you hear me but you gotta feel me These niggas talk about it but they never did shit And we ain’t really smelling that shit When you made it out the slums then you the trillest Running with yo’ day ones, yeah,

Meek Mill & Young Thug Debuts “We Ball” Video Dedicated To Lil Snupe: Watch

Meek Mill and Young Thug debuts the long awaited video for their collaborative single “We Ball.” Despite his incarceration, Meek continues to put out new material in an effort to maintain his relevance while he continues his legal battle to secure his freedom. One of his biggest singles this year is “We Ball” which is

Meek Mill Says “Wins & Losses” Is Not About Drake & Nicki Minaj Beef

Meek Mill says his new album Wins & Losses has nothing to do with his beef with Drake and Nicki Minaj. The album title gave the impression that Meek Mill is addressing the Ls he received from the feud with Drake and his bitter split with Nicki Minaj, but the Philly MC is saying that

DJ Mustard – What These B*tches Want (feat. Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle & Ty Dolla $Ign) (Cold Summer Album) letras

[Verse 1: Meek Mill] Before this rapping I wanted to be a kingpin On the corner with niggas running them things in I was told get the money and bring the team in And never ever let them hoes get between them Born a slave, but I die a king, and um For bad bitches