Lil Wayne – I Don’t Sleep Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Wayne] (Think we found a loophole) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Funeral (Yeah, yeah) Oh, oh [Chorus: Lil Wayne] I don’t sleep (I don’t sleep) Fuck a bed, fuck a spread, fuck a sheet (I don’t sleep) Fuck a Xanny, give me Adderall and weed (I don’t sleep) Speedballin’ off the cocaine and codeine (I

Lil Wayne – Hercules Lyrics

[Intro] *lighter flick* Aye [Verse 1] I’m a lover, not a fighter, I can’t find my lighter My house is five stories, I don’t tell ’em, I don’t write ’em And my living room is white, my lies are much whiter My darkest secrets are bright, I’mma need a sun visor 187 make your bitch

LIL WAYNE – Fingers Hurting lyrics

[Hook] She live in Fort Lauderdale and I’m closer to South Beach I told her to come over, she said, “okay, don’t fall asleep” She say she can be my housewife and keep my house clean I said shut the f*ck up, put this dick back in your mouth please I don’t see nothing wrong

Hodgy feat. Lil Wayne – Tape Beat Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Hodgy) Yeah, yeah Born in antagonism, sometimes I can’t even fathom Hopes man, I don’t even have em Burning ladders, bridges Can’t wait to get to a chapter where I’m laughing and living For what I’m stuck in a…indirect precision Digging through old folders for what I feel I’m missing This liquor,