Casanova – OHB (feat. Chris Brown Lo) (Be Safe Tho Mixtape)

[Hook: Casanova] With that Draco, I’ma kill a nigga I’m a gorilla, nigga Where you at? Where you go? Rain, sleet, hail, snow OHB gon’ let it blow We gon’ kill you for the low So we ridin’ round with Biggie on us Niggas tried to pull a Diddy on us But I’m Hov with

The Lox – What Else You Need To Know (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Hook: Sheek Louch & Styles P] I’m a G on these streets, the hammer gon’ blow The hood fucking with us but what else you need to know I was gonna pull over, she was telling me go I ain’t even wanna fuck her but what else you need to know If my niggas looking

The Lox – Don’t You Cry (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch] I don’t care what your new shit did, I’m a god You been on my dick since you was a kid And I ain’t never fall off, I got greater Took it as constructive criticism instead of calling you hater After that I made more hits, made more knocks While you

The Lox – Hard Life (feat. Mobb Deep) (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch] Smoking loud with the top down Burner on me, nigga, come and get me right now Dope fiends in the hallway Little niggas’ll clap something in broad day Rose gold, princess cut Pretty face, little titties, big butt Thugged out, she with me like "nigga what?" Big chain on my b-boy