King Chip – If I Die Today Lyrics (feat. Scarface, Papa Reu & MJG)

[Verse 1: Scarface] If I die today Bury me face down, f**k it Tell the whole world to kiss my ass and post it I ain’t feared nothing, ain’t shit for discussion All my enemies I’ll meet in hell when I touch it Yo mama, I’m good now, nothing left to cry for All I

Moneybagg Yo – Fadeaway Lyrics

[Intro] How you know where you comin’ up and shit right? It’s like you niggas get [?] and shit Young Swerve, Young Swerve, Young Swerve Bitches don’t be the same no more It’s like everything just get faded away and shit Shit crazy Yeah [Verse 1] They don’t like it, they don’t hear the state

Jacquees – All You Need Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, huh? Jacquees (Rich Gang, mhm), uh-huh [Verse 1] You can find me somewhere in the spot on a mission (A mission, mission) You can find me in the spot lookin’ for me a missus (A missus, missus) I got eyes locked on this brown-tone, sexy, well-known woman (Rich girl), woman

Aston Merrygold – Get Stupid lyrics

Don’t bring that bad day with ya’ Leave it at the door It’s a cold blooded killer Take it out for sure Take a look at it nine to five That’s what we gon’ do [Pre-Chorus] Let’s not complicate it Trouble making What’s the point if you can’t celebrate? Let the good times multiply Just

Fashawn – Proud

[Intro] Let’s do some history, who is Malcolm X? A fighter for freedom George Washington Carver? A scientist Shirley Chisholm? First black congress woman Mary McLeod Bethune? An educator Marian Anderson? An opera singer Duke Ellington? A jazz composer [Verse 1] What about the life of Marcus Garvey, we all know Martin Wouldn’t have your

Mobb Deep – Greatness

[Intro] [Verse 1] Ain’t no mistaken on the position we placin’ We placed with a certain ambition that got’em amped and they wishin’ That these opportunities maybe served like dishes with some persistence We made these misses into missions with no inter-missions The vision is met precision precisely u cannot stop that collision I’ll say

You da baddest – Future feat. Nicki Minaj lyrics

Lyrics Future – You da baddest Ten thousand miles up in the sky We never land ’cause we stay fly I’ma be your b*tch for life If they try you, they gotta die Baby, put one in the sky What we got, they can’t deny Put your diamonds in the light And let ’em see

Jeremih – Planez (feat. J. Cole)

[Intro] This one goes out to all sides world wide Let that playa ass nigga Thumpy be your guide As we go on a ride where playa hatin’ killers and hood niggas thrive And lame mah’fuckers can barely survive [Verse 1: Jeremih] Catch me rollin’ through the city, ridin’ with the top off Man, my

Ab-Soul – Beat the Case /// Straight Crooked Lyrics

[Part 1: Beat the Case] [Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Doeburger! Head swingin’ like Rambo, he be spittin’ like he pullin’ triggers Make a enemigo an example (And I bet I beat the case) Lot of guys with the gavels, look em’ right up in they face While a nigga under oath, plead the fifth, then ask

B.o.B – Uncomfortable (Elements Album)

[Hook] My creator My creator, my creator, my… creator Yah! My creator, my creator My creator, my creator, my…creator Yah! [Verse 1] My creator said I’mma forever love ya Through the good and the bad and the ugly My creator dun’t never hold grudges My creator only one could ever judge me My creator of

AJ Tracey & MJ Cole – The Rumble letras

[Verse 1: AJ Tracey] We’ve got the city locked down Everybody wants to copy our sound Left of the map, left of the compass Got the vibes on the roads that’ll lick a man down Young bruddas got the energy locked Got the remedy stocked and the melody’s strong Good vibes, gotta keep the enemies