Nadia Rose – Intro (Highly Flammable Album)

[Intro] Hello? Can you hear me? Nadia? Hello? Hello, it’s your mummy Hi, it’s mummy, can you hear me? Yeah hi, Nadz Bell me back bruh This is your grandmother and your grandfather in Jamaica Hi, I hope you’re okay, I’ve just seen your message, love you, call back, bye [Verse 1] Everything is fine,

Nadia Rose – Poltergeist (feat. Alika) (Highly Flammable Album)

[Hook: Nadia Rose] Cross your heart and hope to die Or do you pray you’ll make it out alive You don’t have time for wasting time This is the motherfucking poltergeist, I Come for me, you ring the [?] Come for me, you ring the [?] It should come as no surprise Comin’ for me,