Machine Gun Kelly – Smoke and Drive Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy, what my homie, Mike P, say? [Chorus] Roll the windows up when I get in the car and Imma light one up Hit the gas station, go and buy a cigar And we can smoke this blunt Speedin’ on the Sunset Strip in the nighttime Yeah, tryna get fucked up (Ayy) Roll the windows up when I smoke and

Trevor Moore – Time For Guillotines Lyrics (feat. Chris Maxwell, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Simi Stone, Anni Krueger, Victoria Perez)

[Verse 1] Well it’s no secret that country’s in some trouble here The left is mad, the right’s enraged, and the middle’s disappeared The fat cats expect us to bail out them and all their friends And when they’ve spent our money they stick out their hands again It’s times like this that each of

Lil Wayne – Mahogany Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Check [Verse 1] Mahogany dashboard, I do the dash, boy Gas to the floor, I’m pressin’ fast forward, I race a NASCAR Transport just what you asked for Don’t ask me what I asked for if you can’t answer Now who them Xans for? I’ll pop DANs for muscle relaxation, I’m a patient Pick up

Tara Thompson – Someone To Take Your Place Lyrics

I don’t even own a pair of high heels But I got these at Payless on my lunch break My sister did this makeup She calls it “Get-Over-Your-Breakup” She said, “Get out there and work it, girl” So I’m working it This ain’t no drugstore perfume I’m talking Chanel No. 5 A little sample that

Quando Rondo – Unconditional Lyrics

[Intro: Quando Rondo] Pooh, you a fool for this one Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ay Ooo, Quando Rondo nigga Winners circle [Chorus: Quando Rondo] Unconditional fake love, that’s what they showed me (Showed me) I been grindin’, perfect timin’ on my Rollie (Rollie) EA Sports, I’m in the game ballin’ like Kobe (Kobe)

Rich The Kid – Early Morning Trappin (feat. Trippie Redd)

[Intro: Al Pacino & Rich The Kid] I told you, man, I told you! Don’t fuck with me! I told you, no fucking kids! No, but you wouldn’t listen, why, you stupid fuck, look at you now Huh Money way, only way, y’know what I’m sayin’? Lil bitch [Chorus: Rich The Kid] Was up trappin’

Joey Feek – Red (If Not For You Album)

Red If all the clothes you wear are camouflage And you drive around in a dually Dodge With a blue-tick hound ridin’ in the bed You’re red, you’re red If you’re into sittin’ in a tree stand for daylight With an eight point buck in your sights And not for sport but to keep your

DJ Mustard – Want Her (feat. Quavo & Yg) (Cold Summer Album) letras

[Intro: YG & DJ Mustard] 4hunnid Y’all know who I ami, right? Mustard on the beat, ho! [Hook: Quavo] Girl all the rich niggas, girl all the rich niggas, they want you Girl all the rich niggas, girl all the rich niggas, they want you Want her, all the rich niggas want her Want her,

DJ Mustard – Shake That Ass (feat. Teecee 4800 & K Camp) (Cold Summer Album) letras

[Hook: TeeCee4800] I got my phone and I tell her to come over I got the pole in the crib and we gon’ go up Shake that ass, shake that ass, shake that ass You the only girl getting all this cash (getting all these racks) [Verse 1: TeeCee4800] I said, stop, back, acting sadity