Dwoyo – Emerald Freestyle (Interlude) Lyrics

[Intro] This ain’t infinity no more, bruh Real life shit bruh I thought you was a real one, what you flexing for bruh? Huh? What you flexing for bruh? You’re too nice, too many feelings You ain’t party like that no more, shit’s over You a real one right? This ain’t infinity no more bruh [Chorus] Temporary temptations in

Casanova – Rip Rollie (Be Safe Tho Mixtape)

[Intro] See, I done ran through the white gold Sky Dweller Rose Gold presi The AP, nah I ain’t really fuckin’ with that shit no more I’m gettin’ too much money I’m gettin’ too much fuckin’ money [Chorus] R.I.P. to the Rollie Patek ya’ neck if you don’t know me Patek Phillipe for all my

Travi$ Scott – beibs in the trap (feat. NAV)

[Intro: NAV] That coca [Hook: NAV] I just poured a 8 in a liter Throw some Jolly Ranchers in, make it sweeter Versace my clothes, I’m with a white ho And she snorting three lines like Adidas Got a black girl rolling off molly Got a white bitch snorting up snow Say she want real