Prodigy – Death Sentence Lyrics (feat. Roc Marciano)

[Prodigy] Morning of the day, evening of the killer kids City of the Gods, money stack pyramids Esoteric knowledge and I’m criminal minded A lady’s wet dream and the devil’s worst nightmare Cause so help me God I will exorcise demons see ’em scheming real hard Pop the cork on the Perignon, or turn the

Watch Rapper 6ix9ine Stage Dived And No One Caught Him

Upcoming rappers should pay attention and take note. Rapper 6ix9ine, aka Tekashi69, decided that he is a big enough rapper to stage dive and it turns out to be a big mistake. The New York rapper currently has a couple songs bubbling on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and figured its full time his fans

Jon Lajoie – Very Super Famous Lyrics

JON LAJOIEVery Super Famous Lyrics In the planet of Earth I am the most famous person of the world Everybody knows who I am even the people who don’t know who I am Because I am very super famous Super famous very super famous Lot of people know I exist I am very super famous,