Jack Harlow – Thru The Night Lyrics (feat. Bryson Tiller)

[Verse 1: Jack Harlow] Through the night She just want the tip, no advice On the side of the road, what’s the risk? Roll the dice If they catch us, I don’t care ’cause we all gon’ die (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, we all gon’ die I was worried, to be honest, but it’s all goin’ right When I first

Rich Homie Quan – 34

[Intro] 30, you a fool for this one [Chorus] Herschel Walker, used to ride that MARTA, yeah, that thirty-four Pants saggin’, bankroll in my pocket and that thirty close Church in session, talk shit like the pastor, catch the holy ghost Trap is bunkin’ and we makin’ money, see that open door We been gettin’

Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug 300 Songs Leaked Because Birdman Didn’t Pay Studio

Rich Homie Quan is now telling the true story behind a massive amount of songs between himself and Young Thug leaking online a few years ago. Around 2014-2015, roughly 100 unreleased Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug songs popped up online and the mystery was never solved and now we know why. Quan opened up

Heart cold – Rich Homie Quan lyrics

Lyrics Rich Homie Quan – Heart cold They throwin’ rocks behind their hands I’m not surprised I don’t stand in traps I no longer supervise I thank God every night before I close my eyes Beefin’ with them niggas shot at ’em like 3 times If I’m wrong then I don’t wanna be right Got

Rich Homie Quan feat. YFN Lucci – Ya Ya Lyrics

(Intro – Rich Homie Quan) Wooh! Lucci with me Quan with me Yeaah! Ay man, we some young fly rich homies, ya dig that? I’mma go get me a new chain, feel me, listen and say that (Chorus – Rich Homie Quan & YFN Lucci) Money stuffed in these pockets got a f**k ni**a looking