MEXICO Lyrics and Video Song – Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla! Jamaa vi ni egoKadey forevigoKadey Mexico Bande poore kill niKarde aan chillKade dekhde na bill ni Karde aa kaareLaine aa nazaare Shehron baahr dereLA hundi raat hunde Vegas savere Gaddiyan ne kaim niNaddiyan ne fan niPiche piche line niJatt nu taan jatt nu taanRichie Rich kehn ni Royal Music Gang!J Lucky!Deep Jandu!Karan Aujla!Ha

Thug Life – Pour Out A Little Liquor Lyrics

THUG LIFEPour Out A Little Liquor Lyrics Yeah Pour out a little liquor for your homies, nigga This one here go out to my nigga Mike Coolie (Light up a fat one for this one) How you come up, man? I started young kickin’ dust and livin’ rough You watch you mouth around my mama,

2Pac – Lie To Kick It (feat. Richie Rich) (Remixes Vol. 1 Album)

Yeah I dedicate this to my nigga Mike Tyson. It’s all good. You ain’t got to lie to kick it To them tricks and them bitches Out to get a nigga’s riches [x2] Jack of all trades ballin’ like Jordan you punk fake inside the paint in fact I know you can’t do half of

Bugzy Malone – We Don’t Play (King Of The North Album)

[Intro x3] Kill or be killed Savages… [Chorus] They know that we’re savages Know that we’re cold We come from the road We never go bookah we’re digging for gold We’re digging for gold Not only does she wanna know She want me to roll She’s getting down with the cam on the look Down

Chris Brown – Ayo (MMGMix) Lyrics

[Intro] I need you (x8) [Hook: Chris Brown] We poppin’ like ayo All my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down Screaming like ayo I’mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around Fuck ‘em both like ayo I’m a bougie ass nigga left the roof at home We popping like