Montana of 300 feat. Jalyn Sanders & No Fatigue – Stylin’ Lyrics

(Chorus – Jalyn Sanders) She ride it like a stallion When I hit it I be styling That money keep calling its piling Pop bands baby I don’t call it Killing the ref don’t get T’d up When we touch down better ease up No tricking just stacking that cheese up No falling, i’m balling

Chief Keef – Lower Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ballout] From Starter jackets to Gucci, From Air Force 1’s to Louie [?] icy like Boosie, Bitches throwing me coochie Riding round’ with my shooters, Robin Jeans, I’m Buddah Pouring lean I’m blue though, 9-11 the two door Fire red like Rudolf, Imma’ wrap this hoe blue though Moving more than U Haul,

G Herbo – Ain’t For None (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Hook] Only thing I fuckin care about is money and me And I swear to god a bitch can’t get no money from me And every nigga thats with me keep a gun Bet not run up on us cuz we ain’t for none We ain’t for none fuck nigga, we ain’t for none over

Kodak Black – Already (Institution Mixtape) letras

[Hook] My name is Kodak but you know that already I don’t want the wap baby I just want the fetty Polo to the socks homie this ain’t Perry Ellis Let me get the rock I’m a ball like spaghetti It’s getting hot in here the block be hot no not Nelly You can keep