Watsky – Best Friend the Floor Lyrics

Play this song I’ve been down before (I’ve been down before) I’ve been down before (I’ve been down before) I’ve been down before (I’ve been down before) I’ve been down before My best friend, the floor Met you in a parking lot out in Santa Cruz Said your life’s pretty dark and now you have to choose ‘Cause your home’s not a home, not

Chief Keef – So Cal (Thot Breaker Album)

[Hook] I can’t put the pole down Babygirl, you know now Your boyfriend want that smoke, how He ain’t got no style I can’t put the bankroll down Babygirl, you really know how To make a nigga go "wow" I’m living out in So Cal [Verse] I ride a Lamb like a Kawasaki I take

5 Seconds of Summer – Wrapped Around Your Finger

[Verse 1: Michael] Throwing rocks at your window at midnight You met me in your backyard that night In the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise My whole life seemed like a postcard [Pre-Chorus: Luke] You were mine for a night I was out of my mind You were mine for a