Sean Leon – The Drowning Man (I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or The Sins Of The Father) Album)

[Verse 1] Been through hell and back now I’m back again Riding bumping Daniel Caesar in the whip I guess you never really know who someone is How you know who ride or die until the end [Hook] But it’s too late to cry Too late to cry (Down for my niggas, my niggas my

Curren$y, Corner Boy P & T.Y. – Money Put Away (The Jetlanta EP)

[Verse 1: Curren$y] Self made, Self paid Shorty bought that Rolls Royce Put it on blades Shorty paid the cost she now in boss lane Stayed down, got high and you never changed SL with the top up when it’s heavy rain Have your name hold weight Have you chain solid gold no fake Destined