Ubiquitous – Harmony Of Spheres Lyrics

[Hook](x2) When we mesh it’s the harmony of spheres With this seed man to harvest in your ears With my team Ces the army isn’t here Digitize flows the quality is clear [Verse 1: Ubiquitous] I’m the freshest thing out, gettin scooped on tour Cause I’m hot for the moment like a soup du jour

Highly Suspect – Snow White Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall I don’t like anything that I see at all The harder I stare, the harder I fall Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall [Chorus] Why did you wait so long? To admit that something is wrong But you knew all along That you’re turning into something that you

Labrinth – Where the Wild Things Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] We live that Vegas life With a face like Krugger and Jason We made some friends that night There was rum, red wine, there was Jameson’s Taking no prisoners, right Yeah, we own the sky like spaceships [Pre-Chorus] We float on air So high off the ground We float on air Hey, don’t you

DJ Esco – Chek (feat. Future)

[Intro] Pluto If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you [Chorus] I get to these racks consistently Who gon’ stop me now? They keep talkin’, talkin’ ’bout drugs ‘Bout to pop one now I just cashed out on two-door Maybach Who talkin’ now? I just fucked up me a check Bitch, I’m ballin’