Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2017 Lyrics

[Intro] Oh it’s that time of year again The wrap up Ayo, nobody wanna hear Mad Skillz Shit Don’t Come Outside My new mixtape out right now GMG ATM is the unit Lenny Grant [Hook] Y’all know what happened Y’all still want me to talk about it I ain’t cool with these niggas So Ima

Usher Getting Sued By A Man and Two Women For Herpes

Usher‘s legal troubles is about to mushroom into a whole new level. The R&B legend is getting sued not just by two more women, but also by a man who claimed that he may have contracted Herpes from Usher through sexual intercourse. TMZ broke the story on Friday that three additional persons have stepped forward

Usher Settles $1.1 Million Lawsuit For Giving Stylist Herpes

Usher is facing a damning scandal after reports surfaced claiming that he settled a $1.1 million lawsuit for giving bridesmaid herpes. The R&B singer, real name Usher Raymond, became a trending topic on Twitter after Radar Online published the story. According to the site, Usher paid $1.1 million to an unnamed ex-girlfriend/side chick to settle

Young Thug – Don’t Make You Real Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Aye, ah, yeah She like to fuck, we [?] Diamonds on me bling Yeah, yeah, you know they [Verse 1: Young Thug] Pocket full of bread like a dinner roll Parked the [?] right into the Rolls All these diamonds wet like Cancún ‘Bout to take my dog up like a damn

Juliana Hatfield – What A Life

Wasted, ruined, tragic ’cause it doesn’t have to be like this Pasty, dirty, sweaty, faithless, greasy, dirty, smelly, wretched Make it be a whore, a tabloid cliche Nasty, spoiled, deceptive, wrecked Mousey, grungy, deceptive, wrecked What a life – you wear it like propriety What a life – you do it like you really mean