2Pac – Don’t Stop The Music [OG] Lyrics

[Intro: 2Pac] This go out to C. Delores Tucker (God damn rap music I hate that) Bob dole (It’s just so violent and it destroys everybody) And everybody else who feels like uh (It makes the kids crazy) They stronger than the constitution (Kids kill people) Freedom of speech big baby (There’s cop haters) Freedom

Young Nigga Dreams Lyrics – Meek Mill

[Meek Mill:] Yeah I got Lucci in this bitch with me On some real shit, I remember we ain’t had nothing Dead broke, I’m talking pain and suffering They ain’t goin’ feel my pain, they don’t know where we come from I can talk shit ’cause I was shit Diamonds shining on me, need a

Quentin Miller – Look What I Did (Gunmetal Grey Album)

[Hook] Miss me with that, with that high school shit With that high score shit Nigga look what I did, I don’t gotta prove shit, I don’t gotta prove shit Nigga look at my bitch I don’t have to pay her bills, she already hood rich Nigga look at where I live, look at where