Lil Tjay – Decline Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Tjay] Pipe that shit up, TNT No, no (Hemmie, turn that beat up⁠— Yeah) Lil Tjay, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus: Lil Tjay] He might treat you better, however, this what you fail to remember You know I’m stacking my cheddar, you know I be there whenever I’m in L.A., what’s the vibe? This dope

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Lonely Child Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Pipe that shit up, TNT I just wanna be loved D-Mac on the fuckin’ track Don’t nobody understand me though Tahj Money The way I came in the game The image that I had put out They wouldn’t expect me to have feelings Know it probably don’t seem like it That’s why they talk about

Sheck Wes – Kyrie Lyrics

[Intro] Kyrie, where’s LeBron? Suck my dick! Caution, danger Caution, caution Kyrie, K-K-Kyrie Might break your ankle Saucin’ Bitch! [Chorus] Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie Ballin’ like I’m Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie I mix it, like Byrie, B-B-B-Byrie Sauce ’em up, Kyrie, K-K-K-Kyrie [Verse 1] Bitch! (Mudboy) You know I’m on the green team (Bitch!) Uh, boogers in my ear,

AWOLNATION – Knights Of Shame lyrics

(feat. Tarrah Toland, Curtains & Cameron Duddy) [Intro] (x4) Dance, baby dance, like the world is ending Dance, baby dance, like the world is ending Dance, baby dance, cause the world is ending [Bridge 1] (x6) This is who you are [Bridge 2] Ohh, ohh Sit back and look for the warnings The future’s bright

Karrueche Tran Opens Up About Chris Brown Falling In Love & Restraining Order

Karrueche Tran is opening up about her past relationship with Chris Brown and how they met and fall in love. The actress has some new shows coming out so she has been doing the press run to get the media interested. But you can’t have a Karrueche interview without she be asked questions about her

Lacs – Goin Deep Lyrics (feat. Luke Martin)

LACSGoin Deep Lyrics (feat. Luke Martin) Roll Up At A Game Friday Afternoon, Im all loaded up in the camper too Fire up the grill sit back and chill with a cold one You got VIP hangin out TNT deep Its time to get wild Sling some mud in the creek Sun going down no

Tyler The Creator – Foreword (feat. Can & Rex Orange County) (Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album)

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] How many cars can I buy ’til I run out of drive? How much drive can I have ’til I run out of road? How much road can they pave ’til they run out of land? How much land can there be until I run in the ocean? You niggas

KAMI – Right Now (feat. Vic Mensa)

[Hook: Vic Mensa] Somebody tell me what’s good Cause I been doing better right now We roll our issues in them Backwoods Bitches bigger than a nigga, niggas stressed out But everybody got their own problems I got mine I got mine I got mine Everybody don’t know how to solve ’em But I got